What is Feed?

Its a FREE Mobile App that rewards you via simple social media contributions

Is Feed for free ?

Oh yeah, and it will always be this way. A side note: when we say its for free, we mean downloading and using the App

Can I register all my social media accounts with Feed?

Yes, We actually recommend you to do so to enjoy more offers!

How do I use Feed?

1 Search for a place you would like to go
2 Enjoy your time and be social as usual via your favorite social platform (Post your Picture, Like the Place, write a review)
3 Enjoy your rewards for being Social :)

Do I need to pay while using Feed?


What are the rewards ?

The Rewards varies from discounts, free items or “buy 1 get

Can I invite my friends to enjoy Feed ?

Ofcourse you can!

How many vouchers can I redeem at the same time ?

It's all depends on the place‘s policy - please check the information of the offer

What's the validity of the voucher ?

The place determines the validity of the voucher which could vary from 6 hrs to one year. You can read it in the information section of the offer

What does the counter shown on the offer mean ?

The offer you already used will be active again after xx amount of days

How do I contact Feed ?

Give us a shout on info@feed-app.com